These are the things that define us

The DNA of a real change maker is learning to love opposing views
Specialized industry and functional expertise

From senior management to junior consulting staff, our experts are dedicated to specific industries and functional areas.

We ensure we know your business and tailor our approach and solutions accordingly.

Rigorous, proven methodologies

Our strategy and operational methodologies deliver outstanding results. We have a robust framework for business development, management and client relationship management in the industry.

And through a blend of management and behavioral approaches, we give clients a proven interface to transform organizational performance.

Collaborative working style

We deliver results, not just reports. To that end, we work side by side with clients to create and implement practical solutions.

We have always taken our clients along in conceptualizing, forming an idea, selling the idea to the target audience and in implementing the solutions.

Professionals challenge conventional thinking

We continually invest in enhancing the skills of our professionals to ensure they are at the fore front of innovative solutions, processes and methodology.

Entrepreneurial Approach

We bring an entrepreneur’s drive and zeal to business of our clients

Big-ticket Consulting.

Our teams leverage the experience of dealing with Sr. Govt. Officers/Ministries/ Owners/CEOs/Decision makers which have been honed over 30 years.

Can quickly expand/scale up

Entrepreneurial experience of handling start-up operations and setting up from scratch

Patience, doggedness, “can do” attitude

Our organizational environment has high levels of enthusiasm, competitiveness and motivation. All our professionals have a fierce determination to succeed.

Experience of professional relationships

We have a rich history of closely working with top MNCs and Indian Companies like Philips, Tata Telecom, Telstra, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Unisys, Rolta, Reliance etc.

Revenue Generation

We have a proven track record of finding new clients and generating new business for our clients.

Excellent Relationship

We not only leverage our existing relationships in the industries and governments, but we also continually work hard at developing new ones.