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The Planning Department, Govt of Manipur, India

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Project Title: Preparation of Innovation Road Map for policies, programs and activities to promote innovations in the Manipur State which will help the State Government to achieve all-round accelerated, inclusive and sustainable development in the State.

Project Theme:   Innovation, Economic Development, Government

The overall scope of work involved:

  • Mapping opportunities for innovation in the State.
  • Developing  innovative  practices  in  different  development  sectors  in  the  State  and promoting their uses in order to improve the productivity and service delivery of these sectors.
  • Identifying and documenting innovations which exist in different spheres of work, both in the Government and private sector, including those at the societal level.
  • Improving/further developing the existing innovations in the State in order to ensure their applicability and acceptability.
  • Promoting activities to support innovative efforts/ideas of innovators within the State to fill up the supply-demand gap in various delivery systems in the State.
  • Identifying existing assets and systems in the State which could not achieve 100% capacity utilisation, and promoting innovative interventions in order to improve the performance of the same.
  • Identifying & encouraging/rewarding innovation talents in the State.
  • Developing an innovation culture in the State by defining the role of Private Sector, Entrepreneurs, NGOs, Trade & Industry bodies, Think Tanks and other stakeholders.

Promoting the intervention of innovation to strengthen entrepreneurship in the State.