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Only 29% of data-driven companies are able to connect analytics to actions that add business value.

Project Title: Strategic Partner for International Activities (India)

Project Theme: Innovation, Economic Development, Government, International Business

Strategic Partnership/consulting services to produce knowledge/trends/views of the innovation ecosystem, policies, actors and dynamics in India and understanding the effects of these changes to Finnish enterprises and innovation actors. Key focus on the following sectors: renewable energy; sustainable solutions broadly; health and wellbeing; environmental sustainability as a business possibility (water, recycling and reuse of waste); social sustainability in a business context; education; mobile solutions; digitalization.

The Scope of work included:

A)  Information

  • Provide views on major changes in India, which may produce business possibilities for Finnish enterprises in the future, may have effects on innovation culture and action in the region, and, thus, may change co-operation possibilities of Finnish actors.
  • Analyze the relevance of the gathered information and its relevance to Finnish economic life and innovation field. Final analyses of the relevance to Finland done in team work with Tekes and other relevant Finnish stakeholders suggested by Tekes either located in India or in Finland. Organize “Sense Making”, where the meaning of the information from different sources is discussed and further analyzed.
  • Communicating the findings in mutually agreed manner to Team Finland organizations and private companies.
  • Undertake three to five (3 to 5) deeper analyses on chosen issues/items/themes.
  • Present/communicate selected information to Finnish companies and other stakeholders.
  1. Innovation network
  • Provide an analysis of target regions innovation ecosystems, containing information on key organizations (policy makers, decision makers, universities, think tanks and key companies) and persons handling and influencing innovation politics and policy and the development of the innovation policy in India.

Provide match making possibility with the key actors in innovation network in India.