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Planning Department, Govt of Meghalaya, India

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Project Title: Preparation of Innovation Roadmap

Project Theme:   Innovation, Economic Development, Government

Preparation of an Innovation Road Map for the Meghalaya State which will help the State Government to achieve all?round accelerated, inclusive and sustainable development in the State.

Scope of Project:

  • To Build a shared Innovation Aspiration for 2020 and identify the key Orbit-shift Sectors –where application of innovation can create a quantum leap in the state’s growth and development.
  • To arrive at a long-term master plan roadmap which becomes a governing blueprint for the state.
  • To identify innovative programs and policies within each sector which will enable that sector to achieve long-term, accelerated, sustained and inclusive growth.
  • To identify agencies, departments and other organizational arrangements for carrying out the identified schemes/projects for innovation promotion in the State.
  • To identify the Gaps between existing resources, capabilities and mindsets, and those which will be required to make the orbit-shifting innovation happen; and to recommend actions to plug these gaps.

Defining the role of Private Sector, Entrepreneurs, NGOs, Trade & Industry bodies, Think Tanks and other stakeholders in developing the innovation culture in the State.