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Only 29% of data-driven companies are able to connect analytics to actions that add business value.

Project Theme: Investment Attraction, Economic Development, Government, International Business

Functioned as the “face of Marketing Birmingham (and its ERDF partners)” in India in from 2016. Planned and executed strategy in India to strengthen the image and profile of Birmingham as an international investment and visitor destination, with the aim to attract investments into Birmingham, the Black Country and Solihull, and help create jobs and growth in the area. Promoted Birmingham region as a preferred business location and strengthened the Marketing Birmingham efforts in attracting inward direct investment from India, by executing general as well as sector-specific marketing and outreach campaigns, market research, engaging businesses and supporting them in the investment decision making process.

Key sectors targeted:

  • BPFS (Business, Professional & Financial Services)
  • ITEC (Information Technologies) including Electronics, Communications, IT Services and Digital Media
  • Advanced Engineering including Automotive, Aerospace, Energy & Environmental
  • Life Sciences including Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Med-tech
  • Food & Drink – Production and Distribution/Logistics


  • Successful in promoting the Birmingham region as an investment destination for Indian companies from different target sectors and enhancing the “Brand Birmingham” in Indian market.
  • Participated in over 20 seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and investment forums to network and promote Marketing Birmingham.
  • Developed and engaged over 500 target contacts, generated 45+ new leads, and progressed 13+ towards potential projects from the Indian market for the client within 1.5 years.