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Only 29% of data-driven companies are able to connect analytics to actions that add business value.

Project Theme:   Innovation, Strategy

Mandate: Process Innovation for Engineering Services


  • Innovation within operational projects: this consisted of creating a new method or a new product or in producing an innovative combination of already existing products or methods.
  • Innovation on request, or in anticipation of customers’ requirements: this consisted in applied R&D to propose a precise technical solution to a given problem, apart from an operational project.
  • Innovation in the management of projects in a consortium: this consisted in better designing the methods and organisation of the whole project.


Duration:             2 years 3 months


Highlights of Report / Recommendations

  1. Benefit from financial levers
    1. To take more advantage of Research Tax Credit
    2. To take more advantage of financial levers of innovation
    3. To set up co-financed projects
    4. To take more advantage of support from Competitiveness Centres
    5. To promote the approval of engineering for Research Tax Credits
  2. Capitalise knowledge and experience
    1. To organise wide ranging technical awareness
    2. To benefit from experience and guidance
  3. Innovate on internal methods
    1. To integrate sustainable development in management methods

To include risk management for complex projects